I always wanted something like this so here it goes.

12 Ekim 2010 Salı

Blog for and about Hot-Seat games

This is the first ever post of my blog. So firstly I want to thank you all for visiting. If you have any suggestions for hot-seat games just write a comment. Here's what I've gathered up so far.
First off is freewares so I'm sure all of you would give it a try. Toribash, Graviton, Hero Fighter (beta stage), Little Fighter 1-2
And then the list begins...
Civilization (I'll say series but I'd recommend fourth and fifth games if you want good enough or decent graphics)
Worms (The whole series is fun but I like 2D over 3D on these. I was still playing Worms 2 until Worms Reloaded came along)
Co-Op games... These are not hotseat but still played by 2-players and are lots of fun.
So there is LEGO series. You'll just have to put LEGO in front of these
Indiana Jones 1-2
Harry Potter (Years 1-4)
Star Wars: Complete Saga (2 games are combined into one in this with episodes 1-3 and 4-6)
Also I can't help but mention my favorite hero's newest game Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light (it might not be lots of hours for game time but it is lots of fun. The LAN option isn't out yet but still if you like cooperative gameplay with competitive style then this is exactly what you're looking for.)
There's a word around that Medieval II: Kingdoms has hotseat option but I didn't try it so I really don't know how good it is. Still I liked Medieval II at the time it first came out so if it is half as good as the original then it's worth playing.
I can't leave out Heroes of Might and Magic series. Some say that after the 3rd game its not worth playing much but I still believe that 5th one was almost a success and the 6th one will be a success.
There's also a game that's called Disciples. I liked the first one and me and my friends played it in hotseat mode for hours. Loved the 2nd one too but didn't get obsessed with the hotseat (or couldn't because I had a life to keep going bills to pay etc.). The third one is lovely too I just couldn't find it in English at the first day of release so I had to fool around with the Russian(?) demo for a while. Overall it looks good.
There's also a game named Scorched Earth (it's old in graphics and its somewhat like worms with one on one) but I just saw Scorched 3D and I'm gonna give it a try.
These are the ones I know of and I'm not going to put any flash games in here but I'll make a separate list for them.